Mission statement of DGW Logistics

Customer satisfaction

With their logistical know how, our qualified employees enable us to:

  • adhere to specified scheduling to ensure a high degree of delivery readiness
  • avoid unnecessary waiting times
  • guarantee impeccable quality with regard to product, packaging and service

Reliability and availability vis-à-vis our internal and external customers are important to us.

Employee satisfaction

We ensure employee satisfaction by:

  • providing the necessary technology
  • promoting team work and communication
  • motivating employees toward further education and qualification
  • maintaining the customer/supplier relationship

Dealing respectfully with our fellow human beings is for us a matter of course.

Environment and safety

Our safety rules are adhered to and we emphatically demand:

  • a high standard of cleanliness in the working environment
  • proper packaging of our wares
  • adherence to the specified noise limits
  • use of the necessary personal protective equipment in the respective area of operation
  • roadworthy vehicles and cargo securing that conforms to the law

Our employees are sensitized to environmental and safety topics and are trained regularly.

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