Industrial Sales

Calculation, presentation, purchasing, dunning, invoicing...


Are you very fluent in German - written and spoken - and do you have a flair for texts? Are you not just very good at math - do your strengths include the rule of three, percentage, interest and fractional mathematics?

Training with us:

Our industrial sales personnel are multi-talented. They correspond almost always - internally and externally - and, therefore, they must be able to comfortably work with PCs, have a friendly telephone manner and be comfortable with composing documents. This begins with the correct address and flawless salutation. They request quotations and prices, check them, create reports for management and maintain data in electronic systems. In collaboration with production and with the customer, they plan the production and shipping quantities and finally coordinate the transport of our products. Subsequently, they check invoices and write transfers and sometimes reminders - here, the computations AND the results must match 100%! Otherwise, customers "gripe". They organize internal and external events for which the budget must be adhered to despite all creativity. They learn how to deal with current regulations in labor law, tax law, collective bargaining law and other relevant laws and regulations with which compliance is mandatory. Manifold tables, reports, presentations and cooperation with customers, suppliers and employees in all areas are key parts of practical training. In addition, each trainee takes part in a multi-month internship in the production facilities, loading department and the central warehouse / receipt of goods department. Chemical and technical understanding are therefore just as important as verbal and mathematical talents. Anyone who wants a say has to know how everything works!

Application Documents:                                                                                

Internship certificate