Industrial Mechanic

Drilling, turning, milling, filing, welding, soldering...


Training with us:

Our industrial mechanics are metal lovers, screwers and tinkerers. Metal is processed in all versions until the very last day. This begins with a technical drawing. So applicants should be comfortable dealing with a compass and protractor. Then it's time for calculations. Formulas, volume, area, angles, the rule of three, the Pythagorean theorem. Finally, you need sufficient materials, and the workpiece must look exactly like the drawing. Then, materials are bent, drilled, filed and welded until the product exactly matches the drawing and can be installed. Chemical and technical understanding is also important. However, everyday work also includes the mandatory compliance with extensive regulations in occupational safety and environmental protection. In addition to pure metal machining, the main contents of practical training also include maintenance and repair, pneumatics and hydraulics.
Anyone who wants a say has to know how everything works!

Application Documents:

Internship certificate