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Lifelong learning

Qualified employees and their skills make out our greatest asset, and this is a principle which we very much take seriously. Therefore developing their skills and supporting further education and qualification as well as the training of young people have high priority at our place.

We have a motivating working environment, offer interesting challenges and space for creativity as well as a compensation system that rewards success and performance. We provide long-term development opportunities.

At the beginning is the selection of qualified and suitable staff where upon employees join their job related gradual induction and continues in optimized work and training programs.

Our aim is that each and every one in holds a position where they can contribute to our development.

We provide all employees with realistic conditions in order to encourage them to expand their individual and specific knowledge and experience as well as to upgrade their previously acquired qualifications. The design of an individual training and development plan at the beginning of each year face to face with the respective direct supervisor is a major content of the annual appraisal interview. Additional training options comprising issues of environmental protection and safety are further important prerequisites for the development of the entire site.

Payment systems / social security

Our remuneration system reflects our understanding of value. For us, this means that success and performance pay off. In addition, we offer additional services for the pension plan our staff members.

Work, family, and health

We support our employees ' personal life planning through flexible working hours. Different models and options enable them to organize work time as well as to upkeep a reasonable balance between private and professional life.

To reconcile professional and private as well as to support such a balance is the best prerequisite for long-lasting performance and long-term success. As it is both sides that benefit: DGW as a whole and as much as each and every individual one – and all for a full, and hopefully, healthy lifetime. 

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