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 "Those who know nothing must believe everything"

                                                                                                    Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach.


 ... or inform themselves.

So that you have a picture of this profession and professional life and answer the question "What do I want to become?" for yourself, we offer you the opportunity to complete your student internship with us.

Only those who actively explore a profession can judge whether this profession corresponds to their own ideas, skills and talents. Our trainers can help you find out whether a profession is right for you.

In fact, the requirements are very different:

For the technical professions, manual dexterity and practical understanding are predominantly important. Other important skills are the responsible use of different objects and materials. The work environment is the production area and the training workshop.

For the commercial professions, the focus is on organizational skills. In addition, mathematic and linguistic skills and interest in economic processes are absolutely necessary. Therefore, members of this profession work almost exclusively in the office.

The number of internships we can offer in the work experience field is very limited, so an advance call to the Human Resources department is advisable.

In any case, we require a complete written  application  !

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