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Team organization

We want to be a company with profitability above average.

Creative ideas of all employees join into a pool of interactive and interdisciplinary process teams.

Teams hold extensive competence and control throughout the production process itself. This includes responsibility for planning, material supply, code tracking and continuous improvement of processes.

Entrepreneurial thinking employees, who see change as chance, are our foundation.

We expect from our management leadership and application of innovative tools. They lead the employees to highest performance, develop commitment and enthusiasm which results in top reward.

Our vision says:

We respect the abilities and rights of all employees - irrespective of gender, nationality as religions or political belief.

We strive for team work. Teams deliver higher performance than traditionally led single workers.

Mistakes are opportunities to learn and we criticize fair and objectively

We think and act in process chains and overcome department barriers

We strive for teamwork as a principle of work organization as we know that teams provide better services than a hierarchically structured work environment. 

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