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The energy-rich residual gas from soot production is converted into energy in afterburning systems. This covers the system's own energy needs, and electricity is fed into the electric circuit of the Dortmund energy and water supply (DEW21).

District heating

The fact that ecology and economics do not have to be mutually exclusive but can instead be beneficially linked is proved by the systems for generating districting heating that are downstream from carbon black manufacturing. Hot water with max. 130°C is generated in a way that is resource-friendly and environmentally friend; the water is made available to the consumer as an energy source via a district heating network.  A particularly environmentally friendly project was realized as a result of the commissioning of the district heating transfer station in 1993 due to the fact that no additional carbon dioxide is accumulated through the generation of heat from excess process energy. Nowadays, we supply a significant share of the district heating used in Dortmund.

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