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...are a chemical company with tradition and innovation

Founded in 1936,the Deutsche Gasrußwerke started industrially manufacturing carbon black in Dortmund in accordance with the so-called "carbon black process" in 1938.

In 1954 the production facilities were expanded and the company started using the furnace black technique- product start in 1956.

We have offered training at our headquarters for technical and commercial professions since 1979.

In 1983 we began producing electricity by afterburning residual gas, which is a by-product of carbon black production. In 1989 we expanded our electricity production.

We have supplied the city of Dortmund with district heating since 1994 - today DEW21.

In 2006 we produced our four millionth ton since the company was founded.

In 2011 we celebrated the company's 75th anniversary.





Today we have the characteristics of a medium-sized company and are a major producer of carbon black with a close connection with internationally active companies in the chemical and tire industries. We provide electricity for Dortmund, and a variety of Dortmund households obtains district heating from us that is generated out of accumulated process heat. We continue to successfully train our own specialists ourselves with a training quota of about 11%.

We supply the tire and rubber industries with reinforcing filler (rubber black) and the dyestuff, printed materials and plastics industries with pigment blacks.

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