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We constantly deal with the analysis of risks to people and the environment with regard to our manufacturing processes and transport operations. We take measures to reduce sources of hazard and regularly train our employees on how to handle emergency situations, also together with the authorities. Incidents, accidents and breakdowns that occur are intensively investigated in order to learn for the future.

We developed an alarm and danger prevention plan to ensure that we are equipped for particular incidents with emergency organization instruments. Applications planning with the local professional fire brigade, regular emergency drills with local rescue workers, 24-hour standby service on a plant and factory level and a precautionary information system for the authorities and the public facilitate quick reactions in case of any incidents.

Due to the environmentally hazardous classification of our raw materials, our facilities are subject to the high requirements of the so-called major accident ordinance. We also distributed a "What must be done in an emergency" brochure in the neighborhood in the context of our emergency procedures. New DGW neighbors can request said brochure at any time.

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