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We protect people and the environment by further developing our production technique in accordance with the principle of integrated environmental protection with the most efficient use possible of raw materials and energies.

KG Deutsche Gasrußwerke GmbH & Co has a comprehensive environmental management system. It has been certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001 and EMAS since 2000.


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We constantly monitor all sources from which substances are discharged into the air and thereby verify that our limit values are safely adhered to. Our location has over eight essential emission sources. They are the two central smokestacks of the gas black operation, the three collection stacks of the furnace black operation and the two vent stacks of the boiler facilities.  An additional flare stack for residual gas is only operated for short periods during start-up and shutdown in order to safely burn our process gas.

Sufficient amounts of raw materials stockpiled in storage tanks must be provided in order to supply our production workshops with raw materials. Organic substances may be released into the environment during filling due to the displaced air from said storage tanks, which in turn causes bad smells. This has been prevented since 1995 thanks to a tank venting system that feeds the exhaust air back into the production process for afterburning.


In recent years we were able to drastically reduce our amounts of wastewater with wastewater from cooling towers, sullage, process water and boiler blow-down water. We take process water out of the Dortmund-Ems canal, which is then used as raw water for the boiler system's demineralization system and as makeup water for cooling towers. The extracted raw water conditioned in a sullage preparation system that is free of wastewater with intense filtration. The accumulated silt is dispensed to cover landfills.


We prevent, reduce and exploit waste through consistent waste management. Said management is based on comprehensive and separate collection systems, and we achieve a recovery rate of approx. 90%. We properly dispose of waste that cannot be used.


We maintain a constant, active and honest dialogue with our neighbors and the public, and want to be a reliable partner.

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