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Safety and environmental protection are important aspects of our corporate policy. The safety and environmental protection achievements are regularly checked in our management system and the results documented. We work towards congruently created and adopted goals and have a generally binding process to observe goal achievement. Should deficits occur, improvement measures are initiated. An independent external expert regularly monitors the site to determine whether continuous improvement can be demonstrated.

Plant Safety

The DGW production plants are controlled and monitored by modern control systems. Undesired deviations from normal operation will immediately trigger an alert and countermeasures can be initiated early. Safety-sensitive production units are automatically started up and run in a safe condition - independent of operating personnel - in the event of defined deviations from normal operation. All important production measuring data are saved in the process control system. This makes it possible to investigate the causes of errors after the fact and to learn from them in the future. Possible environmental protection and safety impacts are systematically scrutinized and considered in the plant's design during the planning stages for plants.

Occupational Safety

The occupational health and safety of our employees is of paramount importance: aside from obvious activities such as training and instruction, we have introduced additional instruments  which continue to contribute new ideas to the continued development of our employees' safety. Therefore, we have instituted monthly site inspections in all departments, in which all employees, supervisors and safety representatives participate. In addition, we have instituted monthly information conversations in all departments on safety topics. Lessons are not only learned from accidents which led to lost work time but also from near misses. These efforts have all led to positive developments.

Employees of Contractors active on the DGW premises are integrated into our systems through safety briefings, e.g. via safety videos and work permits.

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